Sandra Hillier - Life Coach

Nearly 10 years ago I was at a crossroads in my life and I was unsure which way to turn, I decided to seek the help and guidance from a Coach. It was singularly the best decision I could have ever made because if offered me the opportunity to find both clarity and  a true perspective on issues, up until then had eluded me. I was being held back by the past, and this had an enormous effect on my self-belief and sense of self-worth.

Coaching is something I am incredibly enthusiastic about, because the process is both powerful and life changing. It is about formulating a relationship of trust with someone who is championing your corner and fostering opportunities for you to get you where you need to be. The insights I gained changed my life, and I want it to change yours too!

For nearly two decades I have worked in the third sector, and in that time, I have supported many thousands of people in the fields of dementia, mental health and addiction. My driving force is the belief that everyone can feel empowered, if they have the opportunity to explore the limiting beliefs which might hold them back in life. As individuals, we all suffer from a crisis of confidence from time to time, but coaching gives us huge insights in the how’s and why’s of what might be holding us back from feeling happy and fulfilled in our lives.

On my own personal journey, I have come to realise I am an empath, as I feel a deep connection with most people, and it is because of this, I decided to become a Certified Transformational Life Coach. My mission as a coach is to support my clients harness their self-confidence, set healthy boundaries for themselves and live life authentically on their own terms.

Sandra Life Coach

Areas I can specifically coach in include:

Challenging cohesive relationships

I can coach you in recognising the potential toxicity in a relationship. Identifying power imbalances and addressing boundaries to protect yourself. I know first-hand the dire psychological impact cohesion has and I am here to coach you in navigating where you want to be.

Boosting confidence

I can coach you in working through your limiting beliefs and any fears you may have. I will empower you to challenge your doubts and any misperceptions which might be holding you back in life. Perhaps you are shy or you never received unconditional positive regard as a child. We will work at addressing this and moving forward and living your best life.

Low self esteem

I can coach you to identify your inner thought patterns, as well as destructive behaviours and attitudes. I can support your growth in self-discovery, and help you manage your inner critic. We can work together at fostering your personal strengths, so you get where you want to be


It is my mission to do all I can to overcome loneliness. It can cause mental health, anxiety, emotional distress and a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. I can coach you to free yourself from the shackles of this personal inner turmoil. I’ll strive to coach you create a deeper connection with yourself and those around you.

Support in overcoming destructive behaviours

I have supported people experiencing addiction and destructive behaviours. Coaching can help in shifting behaviours which are making you feel stuck. Together we can recognise pressures and triggers which make you slide into unwanted activities.

Navigating the dating scene

This is an area I know a great deal about, having gone through the process myself. It can feel overwhelming, confusing and seem intimidating at times. Coaching can help with gaining vital insights, deciding what is best for you and arriving at a place of healthier perspectives

Overcoming challenges in relationships

I coach to enhance better insights and communication, and help with developing conflict resolution skills and offering the tools to encourage a deeper awareness of self and your partner.

Overcoming challenges within family dynamics

I coach in overcoming family conflict and help with gaining clarity on situations that might be causing upset and misunderstandings. The objective is to feel more in control and totally empowered to move forward and not be stuck in the past.

Bereavement and end of life

I have extensive experience supporting carers who have had to deal with issues surrounding end of life and the aftermath of grief due to loss. I can coach you with overcoming the pain associated with losing a loved one.

Support with being a carer

I have many years of experience supporting carers. Carers often feel overlooked and are selfless in their role of caring for others. Coaching offers an opportunity to feel supported and motivated to keep on going, despite what might at times seem like battling against the odds. Coaching offers an opportunity to find clarity, and gain a better perspective on their situation.