Why our clients recommend us

Aleisha – Northampton

Before working with Sandra my thoughts were very negative, I had lots of feelings of guilt, the lockdown had just started so I was feeling quite overwhelmed as a mother of two young children – not able to visit family or friends, a disrupted routine and my husband still working long hours on the frontline. Everything seemed to have changed overnight. I lacked self-esteem and had low confidence/ assertiveness. I always seemed to carry everyone else’s problems on my back. 

Sandra is so patient and warm and welcoming. She put me at ease from the beginning and throughout the whole process and I was able to open up about any issues I needed to work on.  Sandra completely transforms!!

I now have a routine again and I have found peace. I am more assertive and have a positive outlook on things. 

Cheryl – Northampton

When I first went to see Sandra, I was very low in mood, couldn’t see a way forward, stuck in a rut, too many issues to consider.  I had no confidence, constantly critical about myself and always having negative thoughts. 

I was apprehensive about coaching at first, because I was unsure if I might not bd able to talk openly about how I was really feeling, however I found the experience inspiring, motivating.  It allowed me to find solutions to my own problems by chatting/coaching me in what options were available to me. 

The sessions enabled me to challenge my long-term relationship with my partner, and look at this from a different perspective.  It gave me the tools to have the confidence to think about the impact the relationship was having on me as a person.  To do something about it.  Sandra enabled me in every session to work out the strategy in moving forward.

I’m now in a better place.  At every session, Sandra and I would discuss the previous week and I would up-date her with what I had achieved. I was able formulate a goal plan for the following week.  These last 6 weeks have been amazing  and I now feel like a new person.

Debbie – Brighton

I can honestly say this experience of being coached by Sandra has been hugely positive. I have learnt a great deal about myself during this process. I always felt at ease and each session was extremely well managed and conversation flowed guided thoughtfully by Sandra.

I would highly recommend Transformational Life Coaching, having personally found the process to be immensely helpful. Each week having a safe space to express fears, hopes and anxieties and being supported whilst navigating through these. Sandra is always wonderfully intuitive and empathetic and helped me make discoveries about myself that have helped improve my confidence and self-esteem.  It has been an extremely valuable process and has given me the courage and a renewed excitement to move forward. Thank you, Sandra.

Harriet – London

From the moment I spoke to Sandra over the phone, I knew I was in good hands. She is warm, funny, friendly and compassionate. She gave me a safe and non-judgmental space to talk about my experiences, and guided me with patience to find coping mechanisms for dealing with things in a way that worked for me. By the end, I felt much more empowered, positive, resilient and better able to handle things. 

Sandra gave me lots of valuable insights during our sessions. She helped me to identify unhelpful ways of thinking that were holding me back, and ways to replace them with practical ways of being kinder to myself. There were many pearls of wisdom that helped – these included becoming aware of the narrative we have about ourselves and working to change it, and recording how I’m feeling so that I can notice patterns.

Sandra is warm, friendly and incredibly empathic. She gave me a non-judgemental space to talk about a recent experience that had been very difficult, and patiently guided me to find coping mechanisms and techniques for dealing with it in a way that worked for me. By the end of the sessions, I felt much more empowered, positive and stronger in my ability to handle things. I couldn’t recommend Sandra more highly. 

Marie – London

I had been struggling with lots of questions about my past relationships. It has been difficult for me to not know why I do certain things and why I keep repeating the same mistakes.  In the beginning I was hesitant and wasn’t sure if I can trust someone with my feelings and thoughts.  However, Sandra put me at ease and the whole experience has been amazing.  I felt secure to share information and I felt happy to be open. Also, I was challenged every time during the process, and it has been very impactful. 

I now feel more confident about my future. I feel that the next time I have the similar issues again I will know how to go around them and how to manage my expectations and to stay positive and happy.  I would like to mention how grateful I am to Sandra for all her work with me, for all her encouragement and kindness.   Life Coaching helped me to become a better version of me and I’m sure it would help others to become better versions of themselves too.

Sandra has helped me to find answers to lots of questions I had about myself, which has been important and given me confidence and helped me to feel liberated and free. It truly has been a great journey and I can’t thank Sandra enough.

 Patricia – Essex

Before starting the coaching session, I was in a place of confusion, conflict and feeling lost with my body and fertility issues. I formed lots of negative thoughts about my body and had constant conflict with my critical voice. I felt stuck and worn down. I felt that my body was letting me down and it was my fault because I couldn’t diet properly. I needed someone to help me make sense of why I wasn’t achieving my health eating goals and weight lost.  However, I wasn’t sure whether I needed a coach or a counsellor.

The coaching has been more fulfilling than I expected and insightful. During the sessions my goals changed, it became more focused and I was driving the change. There was a focus on my critical voice and internal battles. At first, I wanted Sandra to be the ‘expert’ but with her support I gradually realised that I have the answers for myself, she was there to support me to see that.

It was great to work with Sandra, she’s very personable and professional. Always supportive and encouraging in helping me gain a better understanding of what I wanted to achieve and how. Always punctual with our online sessions and she would send a reminder for our sessions. I felt that she always knew the right questions to ask me to get me to reflect and understand some of my blockages and struggles. She would encourage me to have a balanced view of the things that I have achieved, instead of focusing only on the negative things at the times. It was great to achieve the goals I had set out of myself and to have the wonderful support/guide from Sandra. Thank you 😊

Shanice – London

Before I started working with Sandra,  I felt like I was trying to manage so many things.  I was trying to get back into work after having my son, finding it hard to motivate myself to go the gym, struggling to find time for myself and I was trying to keep up with my IT course. I feared that I would not be able to complete everything I had set out to do and would fail.

Before I started the transformational life coaching, I didn’t know what to expect, so I was unsure if I would actually benefit from the sessions.  However, the process has been positive from start to finish. I felt like I was listened to and I never felt like I was doing anything wrong.

With Sandra’s support I started writing a journal on a daily basis. This is something l would have never done before, as I didn’t know what to write in there. The process has helped me to see how far I’ve come, and even when my day isn’t going to plan, I can see I have still achieved something.

Sandra has helped me have a more positive outlook on things in my life. If my day doesn’t go to plan, it doesn’t mean it has been a failure. I am continuing to work on not putting too much pressure on myself.  Thanks so much Sandra for being my life coach, it’s helped more than you could imagine.

Vivian – London

I came to Sandra feeling confused about my situation.  I was overwhelmed with pressure from my partner to try and make a relationship work which was quite abusive.  I also felt overwhelmed with the advice offered by friends and family, which was sometimes conflicting. Overall, I was uncertain what I should/wanted to do in order to improve my situation.

My biggest challenge was a lack of clarity.  I felt that there was a lot of noise in my head and with it lost my own voice and what I wanted.  I see now that I got myself into a manipulative situation and it did not allow me to see things clearly.

I have really enjoyed working with Sandra.  She is an excellent listener and communicator and has really helped me to express my feelings and explore my behaviour in a safe space.  Sandra was non-judgement and non-biased, she did not put pressure on me which I felt from family and friends during a very difficult and complex relationship.  She also acted as a sounding board.  The process has given me clarity and a better understanding of my situation, which I was able to see for myself.

It has been a process of better self-awareness / self-discovery – Through a variety of reflective exercises (timelines, analysing personality traits etc.) I was able to get to know myself better and explore my behaviour 

Sandra not only provided one to one coaching, but also provided materials/tools to allow me to learn and improve my wellbeing (articles, book recommendations etc.).

I would definitely recommend Transformational Life Coaching with Sandra.  It has helped me to identify what was making me unhappy and empowered me to find solutions to improve my situation.